Malko UHT 2,8% fat 1l

You’ll be sure to enjoy the delicious taste of every drop of long-life milk. Thanks to the short heating period at a high temperature and the subsequent rapid cooling, the delicious taste of the milk and the absolute majority of its nutritional substances are preserved throughout the entire period of its shelf-life.
Nutritional value per 100 ml
Energy 241 kJ / 58 kcal
Fat 2,8 g
of which saturated fatty acids 1,8 g
Protein 3,4 g
Carbohydrates 4,7 g
of which sugars 4,7 g
Salt 0,10 g


Alergens: milk (lactose)
Malko UHT 2,8% fat 1l
Product No. 4188
EAN 8594006844437
EAN code of group packaging 18594006844434
Total shelf life 150 days
Fatness 2,8 g
Instrastat 0401 2011
Information about pcs Group packaging Palette
Packing wrap without screw cap tray 2x6 720
Gross weight 1,058 12,73 789
Dimmensions (mm) - (l x w x h) 64x95x173 200x390x173 800x1 200×1009
Number of layers on the pallet - 5 -
Number in a layer of cardboard - 12 -
Number of pieces on a pallet 720 60 1

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