Frequently asked questions

What is UHT milk? 

UHT is an ultra-high temperature treatment that ensures a long shelf life for milk. The milk is heated to a high temperature for several seconds and then rapidly cooled during the process. The product’s long shelf life is then conditional upon it being packaged under aseptic conditions. The aseptic filling lines are fully automated and ensure that the products are packed in sterile packaging in a sterile environment and without the use of any preservatives.

What is the difference between fresh and long life milk?

We can call any product treated at a temperature below 125 °C fresh milk. Long life milk is heated to an ultra-high temperature (around 140°C) during the UHT process. Both types of heat treatment ensure sufficient health safety for the consumer, but fresh milk remains fresh for a just few days and must be stored in the refrigerator, while long life milk has a shelf life of several months and can be stored at room temperature. 

Does milk contain gluten?

Milk does not contain any gluten, so it is suitable for a gluten-free diet.

Are you planning to produce any lactose-free products? 

We are not currently planning to produce any lactose-free products. 

Where do you purchase the raw milk? 

We only purchase our milk from tried-and-tested Czech farms. 

Why should we drink milk?

Milk can be described as a comprehensive foodstuff from the point of view of its nutritional composition. It contains a number of important nutrients. In addition to calcium and other minerals, milk provides the body with all the basic nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats, including vitamins. Proteins contribute to the growth of muscle mass or the maintenance of normal bone condition. At present, you can also contribute to the correct functioning of your immune system by drinking just 100 ml of milk with vitamin D from Tatra. 

Does long life milk contain any preservatives?

Long life milk does not contain any preservatives. Its long shelf life is achieved by means of the ultra-high temperature treatment and the subsequent aseptic (sterile) filling process.

Does long life milk contain any vitamins and minerals? 

Milk and dairy products constitute a unique combination and significant source of a whole range of vitamins and minerals.

Long life milk contains B group vitamins. Full fat is also a source of vitamins A and K. They are soluble in fats and as such are not found in significant quantities in semi skimmed and skimmed milk. In addition to calcium, the minerals also include phosphorus, iodine, potassium and zinc. Milk and dairy products are therefore an attractive source of proteins for sportspeople with a number of nutritional benefits. The UHT treatment does not have a significant effect on the composition of the milk in relation to its nutritional composition.

Semi skimmed milk: Calcium: 120 mg/100 ml (15% RDA), Vitamin B2: 0.15 mg/100 ml (11% RDA), Vitamin B12: 3.45 µg/100 ml (139 % RDA), Vitamin B7: 8 µg/100 ml (16% RDA).

Full fat milk: Calcium: 120 mg/100 ml (15% RDA), Vitamin A: 0.1 mg/100 ml (14% RDA), Vitamin B2: 0.15 mg/100 ml (11% RDA), Vitamin B12: 3.45 µg/100 ml (139% RDA), Vitamin B7: 8 µg/100 ml (16% RDA)

Is long life milk diluted during production? 

No water may be added to long life milk. The raw milk from the farms is checked prior to its arrival at the dairy. The required fat content in the different types of milk is ensured by means of standardisation. Skimmed milk is made by centrifuging the cream from the milk, while semi skimmed milk and full fat milk are standardised by mixing the milk from the farms with the centrifuged milk. 

What is an aseptic filling line? 

Aseptic filling lines are fully automated equipment used to package UHT products in sterile packaging in a sterile environment. When combined with the UHT treatment, they ensure the health safety of the products in addition to the benefit of their long shelf lives.

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