Ice coffee 330ml

The distinctive taste of Iced Coffee is accompanied by high-quality milk from Czech farms. You can enjoy it ice-cold straight from the box or, for example, with original homemade ice cream. The long-lasting flavoured coffee milk drink contains instant coffee that gives the product a typical coffee taste. Let the refreshing taste of Tatra Iced Coffee tempt you, not only on hot summer days!
Nutritional value per 100 ml
Energy 243 kJ / 58 kcal
Fat 1,2 g
of which saturated fatty acids 0,8 g
Protein 3,0 g
Carbohydrates 8,7 g
of which sugars 8,3 g
Salt 0,15 g

semi-skimmed milk (80%), coffee component 15 % (drinking water, soluble coffee 12 %), sugar, acidity regulator E 524, stabilizer carrageenan.

Alergens: milk (lactose)
Ice coffee 330ml
Product No. 5365
EAN 8594006844956
EAN code of group packaging 18594006844953
Total shelf life 150 days
Fatness 1,2 g
Instrastat 22029095
Information about pcs Group packaging Palette
Packing wrap with straw tray 3x4 28 800
Gross weight 0,27 3,3 816
Dimmensions (mm) - (l x w x h) 40x63x105 175x200x109 1 200x800x1 234
Number of layers on the pallet - 10 -
Number in a layer of cardboard - 240 -
Number of pieces on a pallet 28 800 2 400 1

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