Crushed ice


Product description

  • Mixture of natural carbohydrates, natural flavourings and natural colourings
  • Easily soluble ready-made istant mixture
  • Easy and fast preparation
  • Savoury attractive flavours
  • It can also be used for cool beverages


  • Stir 1 kg of the dried mixture into 7 liters of cold drinking water
  • After dissolution of the mixture, pour the blend into the machine and chill it or freeze


  • In the dry condition it shall be stored at room temperature to 24 °C
  • After opening the package and possible unused content, it is required to close the container carefully and then consume the content as soon as possible.

Technical specifications

Group packing 4 x 1 kg
Packing 1 kg
Shelf life 18 months

Sales support

Sales support



Pomeranč Jahoda Citron Mandarinka
Zelená hruška Šmoula Cola Černý rybíz



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